Monthly Archives: January 2009

HTML as graphs: the HTML2GDL application

Yahoo HTML Tree Information visualization, besides being a science field, can be fun. The ever challenging problem of converting text and numbers into something viewable that is self explanatory makes information visualization an interesting toy to play with. Some time ago I saw an applet that displays the hierarchical structure of HTML files called HtmlGraph. I really liked the idea: you don’t have to ramble through the woods of html trees in order to figure out its structural pattern. I wondered how aiSee will display html graphs and created a simple application for this purpose. Continue reading

ZX Spectrum Laptop

ZX Spectrum I’m starting my blog with a post about the first computer that impressed me. It was a ZX Spectrum with 48k of RAM. I think a lot of people remember with a sigh those old days. I was thinking to start my own blog some time ago, but an unusual “thing” that I read about today was the trigger to write down the first post. Continue reading