Monthly Archives: February 2009

HTML as graphs: HTML2GDL now supports GraphViz

GraphViz - neato layout

A month ago I’ve written HTML2GDL script that creates the graph of a html file/url for aiSee graph layout software. Recently I found another graph package GraphViz, and I decided to add support for DOT language into HTML2GDL. GraphViz and aiSee have different layout algorithms. I wanted to compare the graphs produced by similar layouts offered by both packages and try the new ones available to GraphViz only (the radial and circular layouts).

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jQuery File Tree Connector for Perl

jQuery File Tree Being a Delphi programmer for many years (desktop applications for Win32), now I’m shifting to the web medium: AJAX, CSS. After some research, I’ve chosen the jQuery framework as the base for my future web applications. I was amazed by the number of plugins available for jQuery! I needed a plugin that was able to display the remote filesystem as an expandable/collapsible tree. I found jQuery File Tree to be exactly what I’ve needed.

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Apache Live Log (ALiveLog) – Monitoring apache log files

ALiveLog: Find out how a visitor browsed your site Existing utilities for monitoring apache logs didn’t suit me, so I’ve decided to create a tool for monitoring apache log files remotely via a browser. The aim was to create a very small application that just do the job: show the last visits to a website and nothing more. The tool is called ALiveLog (Apache Live Log): you can monitor multiple websites hosted on the same server through a single ALiveLog installation. Regarding security, the script performs only read operations (reading the last N entries from access.log files). The server side script is written in Perl, but can be easily ported to PHP as well.

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