Hi, I’m Oleg Burlaca and I’ve started my blog to share the software that I write and thoughts that I have. I’m a web programmer (Perl, PHP, JS, MySql) and desktop programmer (Borland Delphi). I’m the cofounder and lead programmer of NeoNet Group LTD: a web development company. I’m the author of NeoSite CMS (Content Management System). With the advent of web based technologies, I decided to move from desktop to web based application development: after 10 years of Borland Delphi, I found ExtJS framework to be extremely powerful and comfortable to work with. Now I’m working on a web based CMS powered by ExtJS.

PhD in Computer Science. Specialty: Mathematical modelling, mathematical methods, software.
The summary and fulltext of my PhD thesis (in romanian) can be found here.
The list of my publications is here.

I like biketrials, paragliding and outdoor activities in general.

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